Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Five Confessions at 5:00

  1. When I was 7, we lived in a culdesac in Auckland.  I still had a thick American accent.  I also had a small tape player.  I owned exactly two cassette tapes (most likely elder brother cast-offs) -- both singles; 1. "Kokomo," by the Beach Boys and 2. "Tutti Frutti," by Little Richard.  Representing my entire music collection at the time, it is safe to say I knew the songs well.  I even knew precisely how many seconds of silence (or quiet scratchiness, in hindsight) there was after you flipped the tape,  before each song started again.  Let's call this magical quantity of delay X. Armed with this knowledge (X), I would plant my (brown, plastic, Fisher Price) stereo in the milk box under our letterbox, and then casually hit "Play" when I sighted a pedestrian X quasi-silent seconds away.  So when they got to our front yard, walkin' along, unassuming and innocent, suddenly, from nowhere, they'd hear "Bop bopa-a-lu a whop bam boo!" ...or "Aruba, Jamaica, Ooo I wanna take ya," depending on my mood.
  2. No matter how hot it was at night, all of my limbs had to be on the bed...none protruding outside the bed's perimeter. You know why.  This was until er...last year. /feeble smile.  Airflow around a sticky-outy leg is exhilerating now though.  Good times.
  3. I've been treating chocolate like a food group for weeks now.  I know it's my fault...but it'd help if people would give me watermelons and strawberries for Christmas.  Pringles'd  be good too.
  4. I still like Tom Cruise.
  5. I little while ago, I was taking pictures of Ivy when she decided she'd try to walk down the slide.  I promise I stopped when I saw this happen:
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