Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The dearest girl I have ever known and treasured in life that isn't my flesh and blood also happens to be very talented.  Greedy, huh?   It's easy to forgive, when you know her -- all that blessing-hogging.  Her name is Florence Hartigan.  And although she currently resides in LA, she will be playing in Auckland in February.

If you live up that way, you can buy your ticket into Revelry for Sunday Feb 17 online for $10.  That's a $20 date.  I worked that out really fast too.  /raising eyebrows to impress.  This price is only good if you buy-in early, door sales cost more.  Because tickets are selling via PledgeMe, it's also good karma to buy in advance (closing date = Jan 31st).

And if you don't live in AK, you can still visit Flo's blog or myspace page to be serenaded by this beautiful songstress.  Better yet, you can purchase other digital trinkets and more from the same PledgeMe page. 

P.S.  No one is compensating me in any way to write this -- this is unsponsored, unadulterated love and admiration for talent.  And a particular human.
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