Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Online Things

  1. I cannot stop thinking about the insights shared in this heartfelt post.
  2. Have you seen any Bad Lip-Reading clips yet? The Hunger Games one is my favourite; "Hey, tuna flavour." / "I'm the queeen!"  Thank you, Kylie.
  3. milk and honey is a very sweet blog with simple and sweet activites you can do with kids -- the lastest is DIY chalk -- and I think she is just waiting to be discovered by half of you.
  4. I love the "wishlist" option on The Book Depository.  Every book we read and fall for is being slowly added to the list (from novels to kid lit), and every birthday I'm ensuring we grow our collection and see authors get their dues for writing great works.  It is cheaper for me to buy a brand new book from The Book Depository and have it shipped across the world to my door (the latter is free) than it is for me to buy it in a second-hand store here (that is, if I could find it).  Isn't that crazy?  Don't get me started on the selection comparison...
  5. FreeCycle keeps on giving.  Latest scores include a mini-tramp (which is getting so much use already!), CD cases (and we were out!), and an unworn newborn winter fluffy onesie (/cluck).  
  6. Only 3 days left to grab a gift or treat yourself to a Florence serenade

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