Monday, February 11, 2013

Eight More Questions at 8:00

  1. Have you ever gotten a tad emotional in the new New Zealand fire safety ads?  Oh, you know the ones -- the tortured Papa wakes a bajillion times a night to check on his sleeping daughter; the tortured Papa sends his daughter to her first day of school with her facial burns...?  
  2. Do you have an under-appreciated body part? I've mentioned before, I have beautiful feet.  Fact.  And in a bitter twist of irony, I married the one person in the world that seems to believe flat, fat feet are attractive.  My slender, flexible, high arches are lost on Haki.  In fact, he teases them, every opportunity he gets.
  3. Am I really alone on the watermelon seeds thing?  (Excepting Sherry) I haven't seen seedless varieties here.  Y'see, I think watermelon is almost's the seed-spittin'/pickin' that seriously detracts from it being the "fruit of the gods" experience I am sure it could be. 
  4. Is it just our family, or do all pre-schoolers catch something about once a month? I thought we were made of tough stuff.  We have great hygiene.  We eat a lot of whole foods.  My kids get a lot of sleep.  I do not encourage them to dive into cesspools for a paddle.  Alas.
  5. Have you ever wrapped a hotdog in a wholemeal tortilla?  We don't have hotdogs often, but doing this makes them much easier to hold and get mouths around for little humans.  
  6. Do you think anyone has ever had their Cause Of Death identified as "Death by Wisteria?"  Because it has us surrounded.  It's sending out serpentine vines as scouts.  It is growing in impossible amounts overnight.  I imagine us Sigourney-Weavering awake to find ourselves incased in Wisteria cocoons.
  7. First world problem: Ever filled a (large) paddling pool using buckets of water?  Yeah, neither.  A third full is about my limit.  We don't have an outdoor tap or any type of hose, and the nearest water source to the deck (a flat spot for the pool) is a good 25 paces through the house.  It's a labour of love, partially-filling that thing, I tell you.  This is not a request for a hose.  We're on rain water, and it's probably for the best that it's not easy to fill the thing.  Also, the girls march back and forth with me, giggling, with their cups of water to tip in as I empty my bucket.  
  8. What percentage of (exposed) children love Thomas the Tank Engine, do you think?   Because Esky and Ivy are both huge fans of the old original episodes, the books, the audio books, and of trains generally...and there doesn't seem to be any sign of their affections waning.  Just the theme music makes them happy.  I had never even heard of Thomas as a kid (NZican, remember).
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