Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Birthmarked Trilogy

Remember how I was just tellin' ya how I loved this book?  I was.  Because I did.  I really did.  Here's one of its other covers, and I am posting it now so it will match the other two covers I'm about to share. Boom:
...and the subsequent two books are excellent.  
Liked more than: The Hunger Games
On par with (or slightly better than): The Graceling Series
Book two takes the heroine, Gaia, to an entirely new dystopia that I found rivetting to explore.    And I don't mind that O'Brien's done this.  It's not a new idea to make the second in a trilogy different (I loved Fire after reading Graceling), and O'Brien has done it well.  I felt Gaia's character exploration was heightened because of it.  I found the parallels between the two dystopias were drawn with sophistication.  I thought the extreme change in reactions and choices was warranted and fascinating.  I loved this book.  I just read until it was done, because I was enjoying it so much.
Book three cinches the worlds of book one and two together, and not in a sweet, nice touch sort of way, but in a BAM -- let's stir this party up, sort of way.  Like the two books before it, it is well paced, in good taste, and delivers a grand mix of enough surprise and met expectations.  Book one and two were hard to top, but it is a strong finish (so much better than book three in THG).  Book hangover = happening.

More girly whirly covers, so you can be sure to find a copy near you:
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