Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Egg Fillers

An egg hunt is a-comin'.  And there are so many things you could tuck inside reusable eggs, should you choose to use them (one place these are available in NZ is at The Warehouse, RRP$5.00 per dozen, but one purchase for multiple years!).  Here are some of the things we're filling ours with:
  1. Jewellery.  I got a multi-pack of bracelets for $1.00 from the $1,2,3 Store.
  2. Chocolate.  Yes, we could opt for dried fruit, yoghurt-covered raisins, nuts, or some other treat, but I do like to be the one to give my kids a measured dose of chocolate rather than entirely skipping the thing they will hear about.  I especially like it if I can avoid buying that chocolate at Easter prices.  These little treats were free from someone who works at Cadbury's, and I think they look egg-shaped.  Bonus.  Yes, I did sort them into colours corresponding to their eggs.  Wouldn't you?
  3. Stickers.  We play with stickers, earn stickers, and make stickers at our place.  But special, never-before-seen additions to the sticker supply are always a welcome surprise, worthy of giddy-claps from the girls.  This year's shiny inserts feature diggers and tools (all the rage with Miss Esky).  I cut up a sheet I bought from the supermarket for $1.50.
  4. Coins.  Esky doesn't handle money much. Her experience to date is limited to feeding parking meters and novelty donation wells.  But lately we've been doing some basic math with play money we made together and a cash register from the toy library.  She has since been asking me if she can put some coins into her piggy bank.   I think a *real* coin is going to knock her socks off.  
  5. Hair accessories.  Another multi-pack purchase from the dollar store.
  6. Soft little chicks.  Although these will not be so easily absorbed into the household for everyday use or consumption, I have a feeling these cute fuzzies will be the thing Esky and Ivy talk about afterwards.  Popping open one of these bright eggs to see a chick inside?  Cute.  Dollar store.
Other things I think would make great fillers:
  • Puzzle pieces.  This year I'm doing a empty tomb puzzle with pieces too big for these particular eggs.  But in other years, as we have more eggs to fill (more hunters and more challenge required) I'm pretty sure I'll be laminating other Easter-theme puzzles and distributing the pieces through eggs.
  • Marbles / animals / Lego / small cars to add to existing collections.
  • Bouncy balls.  
  • Lipbalm. 
  • Keys.  Especially if there were a bunch of keys and a lot of kids -- and then each keys opens a different corresponding box / lock on a container.
  • A set of knucklebones / jacks.
  • Vouchers for doing things together.
  • Clues for where larger prizes are hidden.
  • Cheesey but personal compliments.
What would/will you stuff eggs with?
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