Friday, March 15, 2013

Eight Articles at 8:00

  1. Although we have had very little rainfall for months (our brown lawn bears testimony to this), our water tank is almost two-thirds full.  Rad.
  2. I do not know what I am going to do when Google Reader dies (in July).  Tell me what I am going to do.  Please?
  3. You know when you would play on the sports field bare foot as a kid, and you'd come across the occasional "prickle" in the grass?  They'd be about the size of your palm, and didn't leave any thorns or thistles in your skin, just let you know they were there?  Yeah, we have one of those in our garden that I have procrastinated digging out for so long that it is as big as a car tyre.  A tyre.  I'm pretty sure it'll do more than let me know it's there when I touch now.  /hanging head
  4. I am so excited for an early Easter this year!  I'm already collecting small treasures for our plastic reusable eggs and planning the hunt and map in my mind. 
  5. The girls are well!  And have been for a while!  It is glorious when they are well.  But I caught my first cold in months and months, and it is a real stinker that this particular variety of virus makes it really hard to sleep.  /choke-and-spit; repeat.  So very tired.
  6. HOWEVER, the girls are happily playing together as a duo (without me) for increasing amounts of time each day -- finding a middle ground for play, negotiating, discovering an untapped depth of affection for a peer they've never known.  Who knew being excluded could feel so thrilling, gratifying and heart-warming?
  7. A new tum shot and "Name the date / gender / weight" are coming.  OoooooOOoooo.
  8. Esky's outdoor play is advancing into territory I can remember -- catching "fairies" in a jar, marvelling at flowers opening with the sun and sleeping upon its departure, following fantails close enough to see better but not too close or quick so as frighten them -- memories I'm sure many of you share.  Ivy is still in the "dirt and water are good" phase. 
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