Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nana and Pop

Homemade pizza with Nana and Pop after bus rides and a trip to the museum
Haki wows his daughters, his daughters wow my parents.

My parents came to stay.

They spoiled our girls with attention, me with chore aid and listening ears, and us all with treats.  

And fixed all the things.

They pretty much made everything better.

Everything but my routine 3am visit to the bathroom, which suddenly meant either getting dressed or risking a semi-clad-pregnant-lady-flash.

My dad fixed hoses, frames, deck boards, hinges and latches, boxes, switch-plates, ornaments, unwanted trees, pot-holes, walls, a chair rung, and a plug.  It's a wonder we can even function with so much falling apart around us, right?  Things functioned...but in half the cited cases were doing so with duct tape and a prayer.  Now things look purrrdy...and won't electrocute you.

My mom helped the girls plant and water in the garden, quietly started the dishes after each meal, pruned and raked up clippings, and helped me label things.  Okay, that last one was really me serving her.

  • I am very fortunate to find in my husband a house-cleaning machine upon their departure!  He is mercifully sparing me the hard-hitting demand of picking up the after-visit slack.
  • The slow-down in posts may be attributed to me enjoying good company after my girls go to bed.  Or sleeping.  Ah, final trimester, you are here.
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