Thursday, March 14, 2013

Penny Scallan Design: Giveaway

Yeah, that's the logo from the review yesterday.  It's up again because it's giveaway time, people.

Have a look around the site and tell me what you would spend a Penny Scallan $25 gift voucher on in the comments below, and two SK readers will get to do just that;
  • Entries close Thursday 21 March and the winner will be announced here Friday 22 March.
  • That's 2 x $25 vouchers to give away -- two readers, one voucher a piece.
  • Please double-check your email address is linked to the account you comment with. If it's not, please include it with your entry or send it to me via email.
  • Open to New Zealand readers only.
(These are just three of the things I think are pretty, go see more)
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