Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Penny Scallan Design: Review

When a lovely lass from Penny Scallan Design asked me if I'd be interested in doing some shopping for a blog review on their new NZ-friendly site just over a month before Ivy's birthday,  I said "yes."

Penny Scallan things are pretty.
And after clicking through their (growing) product range, I settled on a collector's box with road mat and wooden cars and a matching stationery set for Ivy's birthday.  I also got a stationery set for Esky's birthday (a month later), and two bibs.
Now that makes the bibs sound like an afterthought.  Not so.  Although I have nothing bad to say about any of the products we received, I have the most good things to say about their bibs.  Until now, I would have told you the best bib on the market by my standards was from Cotton On Kids (RRP $12.95).  Their design selection, easy snap, size, and absorbant fabric won me over.   They are now my second favourite bib.  Penny Scallan Design's PVC-coated bibs (RRP $14.95) wipe clean for 5-10 uses in a row before you'd wash them to clean the trim (even then you could do it in the sink with the dishes and clip it up to dry.  The only time this isn't ideal is if your kid is eating runny yoghurt or soup (it'll run off the bib and end up in kidlet's lap), but every other time, these bibs means less washing.  Again, the design selection, easy velcro (which should wear okay with less washing required), and size (covering shoulders!) were winners.  So, now we use the other bibs for the liquid food, and these two newbies for all else.  Less washing is awesome.   And in case you're wondering, the bib comfortably fits around Ivy's neck (almost 2 years), Esky's neck (almost 4 years), and my neck (we were having spaghetti, what can I say?).  So yes, these bibs are pricier than the average bibs you'll pick up in a 3-pack in department stores, but I think they are a worthy investment -- they'll last longer, give you less work in the long-run, and they also don't feature stupid cartoon characters with speech bubbles filled with claims such as, "I'm sooooo ca-yute!"

When the face speaks for itself, don't interrupt.

I was given product in return for publicity, however...I only agree to complete reviews of products I am genuinely interested in, and only when no conditions are placed on what I will say about them.  That is why I can mention a competitor's product in this post.  It's my post.  Thank you Penny Scallan Design.

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