Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Three Times a Lady: Guess the Date

Wanna play (for the third time around on SK -- because I'm not tired of these games!)?
  • Enter your guess as a comment; date + AM/PM (this doubles the guesses up for grabs).
  • The winner: whoever guesses / acutely determines (/coughlaugh) closest to the arrival time (he/she will get somethin' in the post).  Internationals and noobs welcome. 
  • Comments will be turned off Friday 12 April.
Pertinent intel: 
  • Esky arrived 12 days after my EDD (Estimated Date of Delivery).
  • Ivy came 15 days after my EDD.
  • The radiologists recommended we move our dates earlier for Ivy, which, if we had done, would have put Ivy only 2 days over EDD.
  • My due date for this baby has been determined by the radiologists as May 20.
  • I was due to arrive at the end of December and didn't show until Jan 12.  And then my sister immediately after me was born really early.
  • And last time, three quarters of you guessed Ivy would be late, and you were right.
After Friday: use these links to jump to Question 2 or Question 3.
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