Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Times a Lady: Guess the Gender

Wanna play?
  • Enter your guess as a comment; girl or boy.
  • The winner: whoever's name I draw out from a pool of those who guess / acutely determine (harharhar, still funny) the correct gender (he/she will get somethin' in the post, as well as honour and glory!).  Internationals and noobs welcome. 
  • Comments will be turned off Friday 12 April.
 Pertinent intel:
  • There was no real indication either way at our first scan.  The radiologist, wanting to throw Haki a bone, said she would guess boy.
  • At our second scan, the radiologist said she was quite confident it was a girl (but didn't want to poo-poo on her colleague's assessment).
  • The smell of cooking eggs has not bothered me this pregnancy at all, but it was utterly repulsive for Esky and Ivy's pregnancies.  I have had nausea all three times.
  • I knew Esky was a girl.  I had no gut feeling with Ivy.  This time, I feel like it is a girl.
  • Feel free to come and swing a ring / obsess over how I'm carrying / comment on craving sweets...I just can't list all of the old wivesy things you might want to know here.
  • And last time, the majority of you guessed I'd be having a boy. Bzzzzzz.  /tongue poke
Jump to Question 1, or Question 3 (after Friday).
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