Friday, March 29, 2013

Three Times a Lady: Guess the Weight

Wanna play?
  • Enter your guess as a comment; pounds and ounces.
  • The winner: whoever guesses / acutely determines closest to Baby 3's birthweight (he/she will get somethin' in the post).  Internationals and noobs welcome. 
  • Comments will be turned off Friday 12 April.
 Pertinent intel:

  • Esky was 8lbs 7oz.
  • Ivy was 7lbs 14oz.
  • I was 8lbs somethin'.
  • Last time, most of you guessed Ivy would be lighter than Esky.  Good job.
  • In the picture above, I am at 32 weeks, by the radiologists.  Here is how my tum looked at 32 weeks with Ivy:
Jump to Question 1 or Question 2.
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