Friday, March 22, 2013

Tummy Talk

Esky understood much of what was going on last time we were preparing for a baby to join our family.  But this time...?  She is drawing things like this:
As she explained to me: This is the baby in your tummy, and this is all the water around it.  There's a cord that goes to the baby so the baby can have food for energy and growing. 

The cord doesn't go all the way, I note, but that's by the by.  

I'm also not sure entirely how she captioned her scientific diagram, but perhaps it is an unfinished 3-year-old version of the birds and the bees.

Other pregnancy notes:
  • I'm 7 months-ish.
  • I get breathless way too easily.
  • Picking something up feels like a 5 star task.
  • I got the Boostrix vaccine at 28 weeks (free from this point on for expecting mothers in NZ) due to so many outbreaks of Whooping Cough (Pertussis) in our circles.
  • I feel much more run-down this pregnancy than with the previous two. 
  • I crave salt, crunch and salad...but I never feel very hungry.
  • I've started sorting the itty bitty clothes.  Eeee.
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