Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Namin': Part 1

We've come to a stale mate; a baby name brainstorm standstill.  
Haki has now told me to come with a selection of surprise names to the birth, and he'll choose one he likes once he's met our new baby.  No more name talk in the interim.  That is the plan. 


So, where did we leave things off, pre-standstill?  

Here are some of the names for girls that I pitched to Haki, which Haki confidently vetoed:
And the sum of all of Haki's contributions for a third baby girl (vetoed by me):

For a baby boy, Haki objected to...
 And I'm still saying "no" to Haki's campaign for:
 ...and yes, he added "Optimus" as a joke.  
I think.  

As you can see, Haki's style = Make one big bid + shake head at all generated suggestions from without.


I am maintaining two ever-changing lists of five names (one for each gender, no names from either appearing in this post), and I am hoping that this baby's arrival day will somehow be magically, psychologically and hormonally different than the first 7 months of this pregnancy, in that we will agree on one name.  ONE!

But there is risk in this.
I fear gathering these names and holding them quiet, only to have Haki whole-heartedly agree to a name...a name we haven't given time -- time to realise a terrible rhyming nickname, unfortunate initials, or a negative connotation.
And then we're stuck...or filling out name-change forms.
You must air these things, methinks.
So I have enslaved two consultants as sounding boards.  Be it on their heads.  HA!  No really, you two, it will all be your fault if we name our child something crude without realising it.

Oh, please, may the love of my life love one of the names I hope to give to the life coming into ours (well, back in).  How many times did you have to read that sentence?  Sorry. Well, a wee bit.  I kind of enjoyed it.

We may have a nameless baby for a while...but I hope not.
[Esky, Ivy] and Hope?
Oh, the way my mind works at present...

Tomorrow: Part 2 in Baby Namin'.
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