Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eight Unrelated Things at 8:00

  1. My brother ran the Boston marathon today.  Yeah, the one where the bombs went off.  He and his are unharmed, but it sure makes the world feel smaller to have kin for an eye witness to headline news abroad.
  2. We had a flat tyre this week.  On our way to watch a session of general conference.  Finding my jack missing, sans husband, in Sunday garb, kids within, with noon-hour sun, and 8 months of tum enlargement attached front and centre, I felt pretty darn pathetic in my inability to help myself.  I was rescued by a church member (semi-)nearby who practically whistled as he worked.  So. so. grateful.  
  3. I apparently scissored too many cabbage tree leaves into tidy kindling Saturday, because I still haven't regained full sensation in my thumb.  Oops.
  4. I am one of the only kiwi mummy bloggers in all of kiwiblogtopia that wasn't at the conference.  I was here, playing the distressed damsel, remember?    I'm just acknowledging this publicly because so many of you (okay, four...ahem) have expressed your disappointment in my failure to show -- gotta put a cork in that dam before I'm flooded outta here, right?   Sorry masses. 
  5. Do you have a snorer in your house?  We do.  Big-time.  And things have gotten to the point where said snorer has resorted to sometimes setting up a bed in another room because waking me (and the girls) at night isn't something we shrug off around here...nope nope nope.  I think you know who it is.  I wish I could be more generous about all this, but really, waking an extra five or so times a night (and sometimes being unable to go back to sleep) seems a very grave thing when you are perpetually full-bladdered and struggle to become comfortable in bed, as a rule.  But the solution grates on me.  Would it you?  I want proximity, intimacy and the naturalness of having him back beside me.  But I also want to function in the day.  I also am not overly fond of the lounge-bedroom situation.  Would you be?  So...this brings me to a doozy.  We are planning to trial the ZQuiet.  An As Seen On TV item.  This is unheard of for me -- ordering a purported "miracle" product off the tuuuube.  I am eager to hear your testimonials, if you have any, of snoring solutions, along with negative reports...and I promise to give you mine.
  6. First world problem: My laptop adapter has seized. I am emailing and reading blogs and all manner of things on my phone.  This is mostly okay.  If by "okay" I mean awful torture.  I can't touch-type on the thing.  I can't comment on posts that are comment-worthy (it doesn't work for me in Safari on the iPhone, does yours?).  Consider this my blanket "I like you" for the week to everyone who wrote something good that I really should've said something about: I like you.  
  7. Esky currently has "button practice" in the mornings.  This is not because I am a you-must-self-dress zealot, but because it took me a while to figure out that the only clothes she really wears with itty bitty buttons are her pyjamas, and patience is not peaking when those are being done up -- it's setting the poor kid up (and all of us, let's be honest) for a bedtime routine marred with frustration.  So we do most of the buttons at night for her, but she has to (undo and) do them again before she takes her pyjamas off in the morning.  Yup.  (Yes, I would love to hear what you do with your kidlets and button skills -- even if your child mastered the task at 2...a wee bit less, but I can overlook it.)
  8. Today I got into the wrong car.  True story.  In all fairness, it was two cars in front of mine, same make and model, and unlocked.  After recovering from the twilight zoneness of realisation that those weren't my empty muffin cases on the floor, (How did those get there?!), I only thought for two seconds about staying long enough to see the actual owner's face.  I skedaddled.  Hey, Haki did it first.
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