Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Esky, Almost 4

In just over a month, Esky will be four years old.  Four!   /awe
  • A couple of months ago, Esky did a really nasal, high quality (appropriately unbecoming) snort.  She exclaimed, "I can do it now!  I can really snort!" and fist-pumped.  Still, now, whenever a snort is called for and delivered, she points at her own face and raises her eyebrows.  Now, to get that kid to figure out how to really blow her nose.  /forehead slap
  • While I'm not sure I'd go so far as dubbing it Eidetic, Esky's memory and acute observation skills continue to astound us. Be it noting that the library's Santa lacked the gloves that form part of his mandatory get-up, reciting all of the reindeer names after hearing the song thrice, using "anthropomorphic" in an appropriate context, or asking me whatever happened to [insert toy here] that has been gone for more than a year -- it has me and Haki regularly shaking our heads as we process it.  Also, if Haki reads her a book I have read her before (even if but once), he cannot read a single word wrong, or she will quietly correct him.  Thankfully Haki is pretty good about it.  (And yes, I haven't done an Esky update since well before Christmas...)
  • If she is watching a movie with you that she has already seen, she becomes quite the narrator.  Oh dear.  Her ongoing commentary includes reassurances (complete with a hand on your arm) that things will work out okay.
  • She consistently gives (high-pitched) voices to her toys and can play for extended periods of time animating almost anything.
  • She spent a couple of weeks re-testing out the word 'no' (I'm sure she tried this phase out a year or so ago).  Again, it passed.  /wiping forehead.  
  • Esky is incredibly helpful, and so I try not to push it too much (because she will go and get me things if I ask her to, and I currently almost always don't want to get the things).
  • And she's pretty adorable at ten-pin bowling;
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