Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Five Hiccups at 5:00

  1. I recently attended a Harry Potter-themed baby shower, dressed in a fairly convincing Hogwarts uniform (how convenient that my high school colours were maroon and yellow, right?).  I'd venture being heavy with child did some to unravel my authenticity spell. 
  2. I got a tray of free range eggs at a heavily reduced price because they were days out from their "best before" date.  While I'll keep using them so long as they sink in water, I intend to use them faster and more freely than I usually would.  One way I can ensure eggs will be consumed like chips in this house is if I make them into deviled eggs.  So I did.  Except they were more "Super-salty Super-curry Eggs."  Suffice to say, Haki was very. very. disappointed.
  3. I have now replaced my laptop's internal battery.  And my adapter.  And finally my power jack.  I consider this the equivalent of a full set of new tyres for a vehicle.  I sure hope I get a lot more life out of that machine. (Oh, how I've missed my photo editing software...and cookies at all my websites!)
  4. So, it seems the ZQuiet works. Also, Haki hates it. I do not foresee us keeping it.  (Hey, at least the As Seen On TV Store sent me a bunch of free make-up stuff along with the trial mouthpiece.  I have no idea how to apply any of it.  I really don't.  I've tried!  Mascara is the extent of my expertise. Ask anyone who saw me with my racoon eyes on Sunday.)
  5. This week, I got a lot done with my two girls out and around the village on a rainy day.  I had one errand left: a blood test.  When I went to retrieve my form from my midwife notes, I couldn't find it.  I called Haki asked if it had slipped out, and he found it.  Helpful.  I went into the labs and enquired if they would do the test if my husband faxed the form.  They confirmed they would.  I gave Haki the fax number, and reminded him to unplug the phone cord and put it in the back of our printer.  Haki retorted, "I know how to send a fax, honey."  When the girls and I had read all of the children's books in the waiting room, and I still hadn't heard a fax sound, I hesitated before checking in with my remote facsimile expert.  His text said, "Not working."  I resisted asking if he'd hit "Send" or included the area code.  I double-checked the number and waited.  Then I heard the fax in the clinic ring.  Hallelujah!  The technician on duty smiled and said, "That'll be it!"  Then I got another message from Haki on my phone; "Oops, it's sending again."  I giggled and waited to be called for my test.  The technician appeared holding two pieces of paper. Smiling and half-standing, I said, "You got it twice, after all that?" to which she replied, "Well, I got two blank pieces of paper twice."  I cannot tell you how hard it is to bite your tongue (or your texting fingers) when you ask your purportedly confident faxER to follow the diagram on the fax machine that shows which way up the document you wish to send should go.  I did, however, get my blood test without a trip home to collect a form.  And the blood lady and I are tight.
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