Friday, April 12, 2013

Ivy turns 2

  • Can you pick the "Before" and "After" pics for the swimming pool? 
  • When I asked Ivy what she wanted for her cake, she said "choc." I asked what she wanted on it, she replied, "A star!"  
  • I baked the cake the night before.  It was killing Ivy that it wasn't for that night.  I'm sorry kid, when I can stay up later than you I will be more kind. 
  • Yes, that is a bruise on Ivy's forehead.  It was a goose egg 1.5 weeks ago, which she reported to Gamma today came from "Running and bang!"   Highly accurate.  
  • Big sister Esky was Ivy's nominated helper for the candle-blow, and so this second birthday went down without any singed noses.
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