Friday, April 5, 2013

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 28

More rentals you may have missed (and this time they're all now available on DVD)...
I haven't enjoyed many found footage flicks, but Chronicle has more weight and intrigue in its little package than the others.  It is a dark interrogation into the superhero genre, phenomenon and fascination, along with a study of adolescent behaviour.  This is better than I thought it would be -- perhaps if you go in with low expectations to match this no-name movie's low-budget, you'll enjoy it too.
Mao's Last Dancer
Although I found the acting a little overdone and the screenplay a tad clunky, this biopic had me reading biographical pages online for more than an hour after it finished.  Suffice to say, it's a nice movie with a worthy story.
Haki and I were warned this was awful, but decided that we'd watch it anyway because (let's be honest), Haki was tantalised by the special effects teasers.  That's all the film really offers.  It's pretty stup'.
New in Town
I am not particularly fond of Zellweger, but of all of the romantic comedies I have seen recently, this one was the biggest surprise -- I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I found the blend of under-stated and obvious humour refreshing.  I also thought it was tasteful and offered enough of its own unique flavour in amongst the formula to make it memorable.
The Dark Knight Rises
Overlong, predictable but still somehow intelligent-seeming.  Bizarre.  Something is wrong with a superhero film when you like the villain more than the hero, right?  My feelings are mixed -- I remember I was engrossed, in-cinema, but I also remember checking the time and thinking about how little I like Christian Bale and Batman, the hero, now.
The Help
If you haven't seen this yet, this is one to rent.  Archetypes aside, the acting and script of this film make it a quietly powerful and entertaining period drama.
The Muppets (2011)
Super.  An uplifting and upbeat tribute.  Will buy.

The Vow
This isn't incredible, but it did its job of filling a "me" night up.  I could have talked a lot about my feelings on the characters' choices, had there been interested company.  I was also surprised to like Channing Tatum in it, whom I usually find rather vacant.

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