Friday, April 19, 2013

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 29

Haki and I prepared ourselves for a typical college comedy -- worth a few laughs, but not much more.  Pitch Perfect is better than that.  It's actually funny.  It still includes the usual dose of sexual references, but the story is not driven by sex.  The characters are great, the actors do so well with their lines, and the audition-to-competition formula is executed with pizazz.  Haki said out loud: "Uh, I'm really enjoying this movie."  We were both surprised. 
My favourite Bond movie to date.  Shanghai, Turkey and the Scottish Moors rise up and slap you in the face, demanding to be seen as supporting characters in this movie. The fight choreography is impressive, the story is tight, and there is something grand and untoppable about many of the scenes.  Further, the villain is formidable but somehow doesn't steal the show.  He is for 007 what Ledger was for Batman, except you are rooting for Daniel Craig so much more than stinky Bale.  But...if  you've never been impressed by the franchise, this isn't going to flip you -- it's very Bond (he's still a lover boy and agent who does the impossible). 
/Spark. Was that a spark?  /Fizzle...and poop.  Messy poop, at the end.  I was hoping this would be another great result of auteur + star power, but alas, it falls terribly short.  Ba-bow.

Pretty great.  This is one I'd like to own and watch with my girls when they are older (for my humes, probably 10+).
It's okay. While it is certainly visually spectacular, the narrative and script is disjointed and odd, with hit-and-miss humour and episodes that seem to have been dropped into place without being tethered to much else. 

This was one of my childhood favourites, and Haki's.  When the girls were last sick, we hired this to help them ride out the resting ('cause we do that).  Both girls seemed to be as taken with it as we were as children, and would jump up and down with glee if we agreed to put it on for them. Re-viewing it as an adult, I was amazed at how buried memories of this animated feature sprang to the surface so readily -- and so many emotions!  I remembered the drunken elephant scene being much scarier than my girls seemed to find it.  I recommend this one for preschoolers; with so many other animated movies having content my sensitive humans hide from (literally), it was a relief to find something from 1941 that tickled their fancy.

Total Recall (2012)
So-so.  This sci-fi thriller plays more like a no-thinking-required action movie. Great visuals.
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