Monday, April 15, 2013

Okay for Now

I cannot praise this book and its companion (The Wednesday Wars) enough.  Dare I say, I enjoyed Okay for Now a smidgen more than I did The Wednesday Wars (which I relished and think of with great fondness).  I dare.  I thought this would not be the case, initially, since the negative undercurrents countering the positive overtones seemed impossible to outweigh this time -- how could Schmidt possibly make what was going on okay?  How could there be sufficient silver lining? Nay, can he convince me of great joy to be had in life in spite of these goings on?  Well, he can.  He does.  It's dumbfounding.
  • This novel is told from a different boy's perspective than TWW, and I found this new voice irresistable. 
  • The characters are so strong.
  • The book is super clean.
  • There is no painful, awkward, or self-conscious exposition / filling in / world-painting.  You are just there, and the authenticity of it is delicious.
  • The story is magical.
  • I recommend reading The Wednesday Wars first, for enriching-ness...but you don't have to.
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