Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Angelfall -- a little ripper

Angelfall, Susan Ee
Today Hodder and Stoughton's first edition of Angelfall will be on sale in New Zealand bookstores.

One thing that impresses me about this title is that Susan Ee self-published first and gained a massive following online before getting picked up by Amazon, the Hachette bookgroup, and Good Universe (an independent motion picture production company).

Well, I read my review copy in one 3-hour stint last night and a 20 minute finish this morning.  I would've finished it last night if I wasn't 41 weeks pregnant and suddenly developing an eye twitch.

It reads well;
  • I thought the story started running and didn't stop for many breathers.  I didn't read anything about what I was in for, and I think this helped -- it meant the opening scenes were surprising and fast.
  • I can't help but compare to Laini Taylor's Daughter series -- since not-so-angelic angels mixin' with non-angels feature in both urban fantasy trilogies (yes, Angelfire is the first of a trilogy).  Thankfully, the comparison was not so disappointing as cream and milk (like City of Bones seeming like dross after the Mercy Thompson series).  Instead, I found Angelfire delivered a fast, interesting trip of its own.  It doesn't boast the layered dimensions of Taylor's narrative and writing, nor the super-strong dialogue, but it is good. If you liked Daughter and Days and/or Pure and Fuse, this is somewhere in between in quality and content (a notch under the former and a notch above the latter).
  • It's pretty dark.  
  • Heroine Penryn is pretty ballsy.  
  • Her family situation is very grim. 
  • Best thing about it (in case you missed it): pacing.
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