Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Blog Design

I was lucky enough to do a blog update for the beautiful Bee of Be. by Belinda this week;

If you haven't paid her spot a visit, you might wanna swing by;  Belinda is one of my friends from even before the days of blogging (I won't say "real life" friend, because I think that term's outdated -- too many of you have crossed over from blog buddies to RL pals to count).  Anyway, not only were Belinda and I like-minded teachers together, we have been pregnant at the same time thrice (and we've both had two girls).  Bee also gives me cast-off clothes.  I love her for that. And many more things. Anywho, even if she won't give you clothes and be pregnant with you, she's very funny, interesting, and honest.  Oh, and she crochets.  /eyeroll, "You people."

Now that I'm technically "full term" if I go into labour (37.5 weeks), it may be time to slow down a little in the side-project department, hmmm?  Methinks yes.  But y'all should slow down too -- I'm being left in the dust here -- I can't look at my own outdated layout without cringing now.  Thanks, guys.
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