Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baby 3 is here

Baby 3 arrived TODAY.
8 days after her EDD.
And in the gender guessing game, the correct answer was girl.  
(Ange, my Dunedin compadre, you're in for a little treat for guessing we would have "a beautiful, chubby little girl.") 
Which brings me to the final highly trafficked baby tidbit -- weight. 
For the guessing game winner, I'm tossing up between Leesh -- who guessed 8lbs 8oz, and FaerySarah -- who guessed "lots" on this one...
...because our baby girl weighed in at 9lbs 6oz.
And that was after she pooped.
Want to know more?
  • Esky and Ivy are smitten with [pseudonym coming right now ...dumdadadum...dumdedumdedaduuuuum] Mia.  This is called "bone throwin'.
  • Mia was born with dark eyebrows, a good head of hair (not quite like a muppet's, as Esky's was), and very long fingernails.
  • Last night, I thought something was up around 8:00pm.   Or down, rather.  I knew I was in labour by 9:00pm.  Snow was forecast.  This may not be a big deal in places where snow happens all the time, but in our small city, everything grinds to a halt when it snows (we don't have the equipment to clear all the streets and carry on with business as usual, since it only snows a few days each year).  I knew Ivy had come rather quickly.  But I also didn't want the MIL and midwife trekkin' across town (on ice) for a false alarm.  After a call to the (beloved) midwife and a little more time, we agreed it was time to call it the real deal.  The MIL left the other end of the city for us around midnight, and we left soon after she arrived at our place for the hospital. Thankfully...since the road closed soon after we travelled it.  If I'd waited for things to advance as far as I had with Ivy, we would have been stuck in a car sans midwife in backed up traffic on a motorway. 
  • We arrived at the hospital around 1:00am.
  • Mia was born at 4:22am.
  • Haki is incredible.
  • After I had told my immediate family, and phased in and out of focus for a while, I sent a message out to dear friends.  And dozed out again.  My phone died before it sent all the messages.  And for all the snazzy and snappy things Apple boasts an iPhone does on its cheerfully-accompanied-by-strings ads, I couldn't tell who had got my messages and who hadn't.  Super.  I'm sorry if you're special but didn't hear this morning, or at all...or if you heard three times by tonight.  /forehead slap
  • I have had 2 hours sleep in three blocks, but an adrenaline and euphoria cocktail has had me up and happy most of the day.  I am finally feeling ready to sleep again.
  • As soon as the snow thawed, I came home (before lunch today).  There's no place like it, dontchaknow.
Want to know grosser stuff?
  • Being big became a problem.  Her shoulders got stuck.  Call buttons were pressed.  It was er...mildly frightening to have a baby stuck half-way out.  Thankfully my midwife is a boss.  She hooked her finger in under Mia's folder and pulled her out.  
  • I had prepped for the possibility of a homebirth (and almost planned for one).  That wouldn't have gone well this morning.  Y'see, I'm not sure how good Haki is at playing hooky.  And I'm not talkin' about skipping school.
  • I didn't take any pain relief, but I wanted to tap out of this delivery so. many. times.  (I mean say, "I'm done guys, you figure this out," and then pass out.)  I felt dizzy so often and couldn't believe how long the most intense pain lasted.  Of the three girls, Mia's world-entry was the hardest work.  I spent a long time in transition with those shoulders stuck higher up...pushing without progress.  Things got active and intense soon after we arrived to our birthing suite, and didn't let up until she arrived. 
  • Huge win = no tears or stitches.  I'm not afraid to pee!  Or laugh!
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