Friday, May 24, 2013

Characters versus Celebrities

I don't entertain fantasies about people that are not Haki.

I do occasionally comment I find someone pretty spiffy that is not Haki.  I don't say I wish for anything with them, or suggest I would ever trade Haki in (even in some fantasy -- I've told you I loathe those stupid lists)...but I will sometimes concede other people have attractive qualities.

Thing is, these people are almost always characters, not celebrities.

Unfortunately, Haki often confuses the two, misplacing his jealousy.

For example, when I comment that Sean Penn is attractive in The Interpreter, I mean that Sean Penn's character, Tobin Keller, is attractive in The Interpreter.  I do not mean that I dig Sean Penn, the man.  I don't know him.  I don't know if he's kind, gentle, or smells good.  But Tobin Keller -- the guy I've come to know in the story -- he's attractive.

So when Haki puts Matthew McConaughey on a mucho-blacklist, he's misunderstood the appeal of a certain southern lawyer in A Time To Kill and projected his husband-angst onto an actor I have zero interest in.  In fact, a human I find very unattractive, based on what is portrayed of his character.

Do I think Colin Firth is smokin'?  Not. at. all.  Is his Mr Darcy dapper?  Heck yes. 

Further: I think of Channing Tatum as "the neck" in everything but The Vow, consider Indiana Jones (not Harrison Ford) a little spunky, and find the otherwise lanky Hugh Jackman the cowboy to be rather agreeable.

And then there's Moses.  The animated one.  He's hot.
He can no better jump off of the screen and become a viable threat to Haki's manhood than Tobin Keller, Mr Darcy, or Southern Lawyer dude.  And even if characters were on offer (not celebrities) I still wouldn't trade (and er...presuming there was consent).  Not a chance.  I've chosen (wisely), and my comments have nothing to do with actions, only observations.  (Although, even without intention or even imagined action, I find obsession with a celebrity is not my all...because looking amorously at images of any person other than my husband doesn't jive with me.  Because a person is famous doesn't make it any less jivey).

Even with rockin' bods considered.

Not you, Matthew.

NB:  Even though I for some reason find an animated Moses to be a looker, I fail to understand the draw of sexy anime.  Cartoon cleavage, vavavoom?  Wha' now?

So, what about you?   
Have you got a screen-saver of Vin Diesel (/gag) or The Rock on your desktop?
Is there a certain someone your friends/spouse know/s full well you like to watch? 
Does someone you know have a famous heartthrob?
Are you more inclined to entertain a crush on a person, not their role?
You can.  Go ahead.
Just say it isn't Vin.
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