Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eight Follow-ups at 8:00

  1. Public apology: Haki is very upset that I did not make clear you must STIR the milk with the Milo and sugar before pouring over the boiling water.  I presumed this was a given. He's imagining you all, trying "milk first" across the country, disappointed with the results and all of this on his head.  He commends you, Clare, for your wisdom.
  2. We're two days away from the 17th -- Vicki Little and Offsquare's pick for the baby arriving!  Oooo.  
  3. Those exciting adultery storylines are everywhere right now, and I am easily aggravated.  I just have to see a teaser for a show to get up on my soapbox about the state of modern media.  Poor Haki.
  4. Y'all had me seriously reconsidering my pyjama washing regime.  But then I realised you probably all change the bed sheets more often than I do.  I think pyjamas are easier to wash than sheets.  Changing beds is also an Olympic task for me right now. And yeah, underwear is even easier to wash than PJ's.  The no-underwear-under-PJ's is a very foreign concept to me, but seems to be quite common in NZ.  My kids wear knickers under their jammy jams.)
  5. So now we don't have a solution for the snoring and me waking for it.  I'm pretty sure you guys were meant to solve my problem, what gives?
  6. Turns out Ivy just had two baths where she wasn't keen on the rinsing, and is back to embracing the praise for doing it the way we were (flannel wall).  Yus -- both of the girls are back to being giggly and happy for the entire bath.  This matters, when you do something so often!  I really feel for those of you who just have to go ahead and rinse 'em, like it or not.
  7. I must add, my girls are only too happy to have their fingernails clipped, it's that I know they find their toenails uncomfortable.  I think of a stamp as positive reinforcement rather than bribery (am I kidding myself?).  They often proudly display it to their papa to show they sat still for what they think of as a mountain of a task.  It is also kinda worth it to see ink from their stamps transfer to different places on their face throughout the day.  We often sit on the steps outside to clip nails and then sweep them into the adjacent garden.  If it's cold, I sit on the edge of the bath to do it so that they fall in there, and later they wash down when we turn the shower on (I don't turn it on to do it, so go ahead, have a look for a nail graveyard when you visit).  You peop's doing it front of the TV probably have still bodies, but pick-up duty? 
  8. Yeah, I mentioned the cat came back.  He's lucky he's a good mouser, because my feelings about his return are so mixed, I'm pretty sure it makes me a bad person.
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