Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eight Setbacks at 8:00

  1. I think Replicat has perished.  Esky has already conceptually filled an entire menagerie with replacements.  Nonetheless, we won't be getting another pet of any kind for a while.
  2. We watch one show on television, currently; My Kitchen Rules.  This also means I have seen the last 3-5 minutes of Shortland Street at least once a week for the past few weeks.  I am mad.  Sorry, fans, but the "exciting adultery" storylines get me all ragey. 
  3. We have two new leaks in the kitchen ceiling.  I'm sure they will be seen to before they can turn into something more...uh...ridiculous.
  4. I need to add an addendum to my review of the Penny Scallan stock; the collector's boxes are not hard-wearing...we didn't even subject ours to any rough use before its handle broke free.  It was the first time I picked it up.  That said, once informed of this, they shipped me a replacement, and informed me that is their policy.  I don't expect the second handle will be stronger or behave any differently.  Basically: this particular item is a fragile but pretty one.  We love its contents (well, the wooden cars, in particular).  I gave up on trying to repair the original handle and created a new one of rope.  It'll do.  Buy this item if you like making replacement handles and receiving replacement stock. Plus...I must tell you the bib has been relegated to rank 2 for bib rankings -- Cotton On bibs are back at the top spot.  The fabric is bleeding in the Penny Scallan one.  It's still great...just not number 1.
  5. I finished another book fairly early Saturday night.  And I didn't already have the second book in the duet here.  Silly girl.  Remedied since.
  6. Like clockwork (or a menstrual cycle.../shudder), Ivy got another bug -- after all, a month has passed since our last bout.  It's on its last legs, and no one else in the family seems to have needed to get this one for immunity's sake.  /phew
  7. We are returning the ZQuiet.  It didn't solve our snoring problem.  Not only did Haki find it uncomfortable, after persevering with it (he loves me a lot), his sleeping self learned how to disengage his bottom jaw from the mouthpiece -- so the thing was still in there, in place on his upper teeth -- but he was snoring as usual.  And uncomfortable. We are still in search of a solution.  The snoring human plus light sleeping companion combo is a bummer.  I hope I'll outgrow the light sleeper thing -- I wasn't one until I became a mother.  Also, this means I'm returning the freebie make-up I didn't know how to use anyway.  No losses here.
  8. Haki and I had a "date day" Saturday.  All day.  It was glorious.  When we first set out for breakfast, we realised we had timed our day's start with a graduation parade.  And every eatery was jam-packed.  So we flicked through our book of vouchers (naturally), and found an outlier we could still get a discount for -- a place we could eat a nice breakfast we suspected would not be full of patrons.  There's no concealing the fact that what we have vouchers for determines our selection pool. And so we went. Haki paid for our meal.  Without the voucher.  I cannot express to you how equally amusing and irksome this was.  Now I'm only left with amusing.  Okay, and a teensy bit of "Oh, poop!" 
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