Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Five Common Tasks at 5:00

  1. Haki says, "Shall we turn the fire on?" and "Oooo..we need to turn the fire on!"  His mother also "turns on" her fire.  In neither case are they referring to a gas fire or a fire with a switch or dial.  So this verb phrase only works for me if some sort of erotic dance or tickling is going to ignite the tinder and kindling.  I have seen no such foreplay, in either household.  And therefore, I maintain we light fires.  We light them.  When Haki uses such absurd phrases, sometimes I pretend I haven't heard him.  He smiles, and says, "Hon'?  Hon'?" (grinning) and then smartly paraphrases with something like, "Shall we have a fire?" to which I too smile wide and turn to face him and answer, "Yeah!"  That boy winds me up.  (Do you say what they say?   I'll still respect you.  Do you know someone else who does?)
  2. How do you rinse your kids' hair in the bath?  (Or how did your parents rinse yours?) When mine are but babes I am holding them upright in the shower, and so I rinse them under the showerhead with a hand-wall to shield their face.  Then when my kids are sitting up in the bath, they seem to prefer laying down completely on their back while I rinse (I support their head at the neck and base hairline while I pour the water with the other).  Then, finally they gain the confidence to sit up and tip their head back enough for me to do the job.  Esky is an "excellent tipper."  But no amount of praise for her tipping will convince (read: manipulate) Ivy to tip for me.  She has a facecloth/flannel wall along her hairline which she holds tightly with her little hands by her ears while I rinse.  It's worked a treat.  Until this week, when she suddenly decided she wasn't having that.  This is one of many tasks I perform all the time and think, "Parents everywhere are doing this, I wonder how [Soandso] does it."  What do you do?
  3. Another: I trim my girls' nails with them sitting on my lap or beside me (with a pair of small safety nail clippers with a bulbous end). They are fine for their fingernails...but if they sit still during the toenail trim, they get a stamp on their hand.  What do you do? (Or did ya?)
  4. Provided they are clean, my kids wear their PJs twice before I wash them -- so day one they are folded and placed on or under their pillows, day two they go into the laundry hamper.  Do we disgust some of you?  What do you do? This entire thing is of course upset when a pyjama day is declared (more often, especially on cold-home-days, than it pays to number). 
  5. For years I made a Milo (NZ's big "hot chocolate" brand...although it's barley) by pouring the boiling water over the powder and sugar first, then topping up with milk.  Years.  I thought this would achieve the best results in terms of dissolvingnessss.  Then Haki told me the Milo is creamier on top if you add the milk first.  He is right.  And solubility is not an issue after all.  Oh, how this small thing has changed my life -- I mean, something I have so often is so much better now.  I told you, he really is smart.
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