Monday, May 20, 2013


  • Meals frozen.  Check.
  • Car interior groomed.  Check.
  • Car seats reconfigured.  Check. 
  • Newborn clothing washed and folded.  Check.
  • Nappies and sanitary products bulk purchased, stocked.  Check.
  • Hospital bags packed and stacked.  Check.
  • Designs complete.  Check.
  • Bassinet, cot, bouncinet, beckoning.  Check.
  • Beds fresh.  Check.
  • Mending pile, gone.  Check.
  • Shopping done.  Check.
  • Bath resealed.  Check.
  • Digital photo folders sorted; back-ups done.  Check.
  • Memory and keepsake folders updated.  Check.
  • Floors disinfected.  Check.
  • Firewood delivered.  Check. 
  • Birthday child lavished with attention all week.  Check. 
  • Storybooks recorded in Mama's voice for nights I can't linger so long.  Check.
  • ...and Rico the Rhino, waits.  Check.
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