Monday, May 27, 2013


  • So I'm a week past my estimated date of delivery.  I'm okay with that.  Apparently no one else is.  I know they all mean well...
  • I feel fine.  Sleeping is hard.  My hips hurt.  But I am not in as much pain as I was a month ago.  I'm good, really.  I'm savouring this season (it shan't come again).
  • My midwife's (three) days off ended yesterday.  Yus. 
  • I miss my cravings.  It is so disappointing to dive into something that used to produce such pure and simple eating joy and find it is now just food.
  • Esky is so very excited.  Ivy is starting to grasp it -- when others talk about the impending arrival around her, she says, "Baby!  Mama's baby!" and points to my stomach.
  • There are five lovely people still in it to win it with the baby's arrival date picks; FaerySarah (May 27), Nicole (May 28), Leesh (May 29), Meghan (May 30), and lastly, Sherry (May 31).  Sherry, you are wise.  
  • I'd love a June baby.  Ivy was born in April, and Esky in May...this baby having its own birth month would be...tidy.  
  • I am fixated on hearing the baby's cry and holding that little body.  I can't believe I get to experience those things again.
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