Thursday, May 9, 2013

Profound / Profane

It is our "Date Day," and Haki and I are chatting in the car on the way to a look-out spot he wants to show me.  Don't worry, I promise this stays G-rated.  Mostly.  We have hot chocolates and (my first ever) macarons at the ready.  Considering where I imagine we are headed, I suddenly recall with clarity an important moment in my shaping from years ago.  A moment I felt a rush of power, thrill and potential.  It was a memory of reading a book as a child, of pausing, and asking my father to define a word I'd come upon.  The word was "precipice."  I still recall the insurgence of those emotions -- knowing that there was a wealth of language to be explored; that there were more specific and perfect words to create imagery and meaning than the words I was armed with.  That I would devour all I could. 

And I say all this to Haki.
Or something a lot like this.

And Haki says: "You just said 'piss.'"

Haki knows exactly what a precipice is.  Haki is intelligent and well-read.  But Haki cannot resist a set-up like this.  The gag is accompanied by an open-mouthed face of shock as though I have thrown back my "wholesome woman" costume to reveal a foul-mouthed surprise wife he doesn't recognise.  Then I shake my head and look upward, and continue with whatever I have been saying, attempting not to smile (and failing).  And this -- the failing-- is why he runs this one again...and again.
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