Thursday, May 16, 2013

The (NZ) Wheels on the Bus Board Book

The Wheels on the Bus, Donovan Bixley
This bestseller was re-released this week as a board book, and my girls are loving it.  We were already big fans of Donovan Bixley's Old MacDonald's Farm, and The Wheels on the Bus has the same crisp illustrations, things to find, and native flora, fauna, sites and quirks. 

I am not always excited about books which simply regurgitate a nursery rhyme or other royalty-free text and repackage it for resale with new pictures -- I often feel little is being added to the original, if anything, it can sometimes spoil a classic.  In Bixley's case I don't have that feeling because his illustrations are undeniably making these universal songs personal for New Zealand kids.  There are plenty of yellow school buses in our storybooks, so I appreciate what Bixley's doin' here with such a popular song, and I especially like the new hardy edition.  I am also a huge advocate of books which encourage parents to sing to their children.

Thank you, Hachette!

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