Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chubbin' Up

I have a rep for seeing my babies pack on a lot of pounds over the first months of their lives.  Mia has been no exception.  Even with her head start aside (she was the heaviest of our three babes, on arrival), she is growing (or inflating, it seems) at a startling rate.  Really.  The kid has got some serious cheekage going on.  She weighed in at over 6kg at her 4-week mark.  That is many kg for being only four weeks earth-side. 

  •  Esky = still smitten. 
  • And given Mia's smiles for her, of late, I'd say it's reciprocated.  
  • Ivy loves to introduce Baby Mia to anyone who looks at her, along with reporting on her current status; "Baby Mia sleeping" / "Baby Mia issss drinking." 
  • On that, despite what her rapid weight gain might suggest, Mia isn't nursing as often as the other girls did.  I'm not wholly sure this is because she wants or needs less...I think I'm treating nursing as a cure-all less (I'm a little more discerning this time around.  Read: I know that fussing is more often related to gas than hunger.  Who am I kidding? For my three, it's almost always gas.  Future suitors, I am sure this was just a phase).
  • She loves the shower.  I love showering with newborns -- witnessing sensory heaven for them, I say.  (I've been thinking about posting on how I handle showering a newborn, including how to do it without having a second adult around for pass-off pre- and post- -- does anybody care?  Or am I kidding myself that that'd be interesting to anyone?)
  • We are beginning to wade out of the "survival weeks."  Below, you see Haki holding Mia.  You also see there is no cushion beneath them on the couch.  You also see the floor in the background littered with cushions.  Cushion mountains kept them happy; let there be cushion mountains.
  • The Moby, oh, the Moby (wrap).  Thank heavens.  Many nights Haki is away Mia lives in this thing.  She's also given the fourth trimester treatment while I teach at church.  This is often my view of her moon face:
  • Behold, the cheeks:
  • She still sleeps a lot.  Haki and I are having a Date Day tomorrow with Mia in tow.  We will be taking her for her first Moby-movie test run.  I am optimistic.  Esky accompanied us to many a movie in her first year, sleeping in the Moby.  Ivy would have none of it.  I think Mia will be like Esky. 
  • All three have and do sleep through all manner of noise.  Love it.
  • Go the flesh bracelets.
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