Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Eight Somethings at 8:00

  1. When I phone a call centre, about 75% of the time I forget to listen to the 'bot that answers.  I hear it's not a live human, tune out...then tune back in around, "Press. 4. for..." and then I'm going, "KRANSKY!  What were one through three?!"  The bot never answers.
  2. I got new big glasses.
  3. Haki is officially back at work.  I haven't mentioned it too often, but his work includes some sleep-overs (I think I have mentioned I have a very big bat).  The sleep-overs are not the late jubilant pillow-fighting kind...they're of the residential care variety.  Anyhow, this means some days of his absence turn into nights of doing the newborn and two preschoolers combo without him (of which I'm certain the dinner and bedtime routine is the trickiest).  Tonight, I donned the Moby at home, and wore Mia for a good portion of the evening.  Thank heavens for that thing.  Oh looky, a selfy with new big glasses and the Moby.  And our unmade bed, washing baskets, and me in my long johns.  I'll tell you what I told my mama; "Yeah, I totally did it without Haki today."  Mama: "Did you do the dishes?"  Me: "No!  And our plates are still on the table from dinner."  Yes'um, that's how things are right now.
  4. Having Haki rostered on for periodic sleep-overs made the labour waiting game extra-interesting.  We count it among the night's miracles that Haki was home the night contractions started.
  5. Having regular periods of time where I am unavailable to service my elder two girls has led to a few minor changes in our habits.  If I'm nursing Mia, or cleaning up a mustard explosion, say, I lack free (or clean) hands to wipe Ivy and Esky's faces and hands after a meal.  Haki has been encouraging them to wash up for themselves in the bathroom.  Simple solution, right?  It seems so at the tiiii-iime...but later, when I'm washing the bathroom's soap dispenser, sink, faucet, door, frame, towels and floor instead of one facecloth...I'm not so convinced.
  6. Although Haki thinks I am crazy, I am certain that babies look most beautiful in near-absolute darkness, but awake.  I'm telling you, their eyes are open wide, their pupils are fully dilated, and their "I'm cool with the dark"-calm makes my ovaries throb. 
  7. On that, what's with me suddenly thinking 7 children would be a'ight?  Huh?  HUH?  /waving finger of disapproval at the tiny hands and tricksy hormones responsible for a case of the clucks.
  8. My boobs hurt.  Again.  But have you seen those tiny hands?!
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