Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Five Changes at 5:00

  1. Ah, 'tis Christmas morning, in years gone by, and a child-me eagerly retrieves the contents of my stocking.  What's this?  Unwrapped, starchy, bright and unpilled socks.  Socks.  My immediate reaction: "dud," smile politely, and keep digging.  Funny how now, receiving new, starchy, bright and unpilled socks as a gift seems to endow my life with extravagance.  Good li'l gift, seriously.
  2. I am loving intrigue and sneakiness in fantasy novels and historical fiction right now.  See, in stories set in days gone by -- pre-DNA testing and fingerprinting -- sneaking around someone else's chamber looking for clues is filled with suspense (Will the snoop be caught in the act?) instead of inducing forehead-slapping at a character's stupidity.  Science has ruined snooping for the good guys too.
  3. After much discussion, we have established that Haki can sometimes distinguish my affection for a character is not infatuation with an actor.  This is because he concurs -- Viggo holds zero appeal, but surely anyone can see why an elf maiden would give up immortality for Aragorn.  Add 'im to the list.
  4. We have been with vodafone for our cellphones for a long time -- a hangover symptom of a foregone business pursuit.  We were able to switch to 2degrees this week, and it is infinitely better.
  5. You may remember, I don't always do so well at the dentistI'm working on it.  But given my last encounter, you can probably understand my relief that pregnancy gave me a solid out when I received a reminder call I needed to return to see to my unfinished dental work.  But I'm not pregnant any more...and the new thing living in my stomach is a heavy stone of dread. 
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