Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Shortcuts at 5:00

  1. I placed an entire chicken carcass (the remains after we'd picked it over) out by the cat bowl for Lucius' dinner because it was easier than scooping out his food (rinsing the cat food spoon included) and disposing of the dinner waste in our full trash can.  There was very little left in the dish to throw out the next morning.  That saved us a good quarter of a can of cat food, peop's -- what's that, 30 cents?  I can hear your impressed gasps from here.
  2. Over the past two weeks, I have used wet wipes to clean a number of things the washing machine probably should have.
  3. The girls have spent so many days in their pyjamas that when I say, "Let's get you girls dressed, shall we?" Esky says, "Why?"  (This has happened twice now.)
  4. Now that Haki's often at work at dinner time, I have taken to thawing small portions of the past two weeks' gift-dinners and serving these with cheese rolls / scones / toast and a green smoothie or other sliced fruit.  I wish I'd frozen more and eaten less because I could get used to this.
  5. After labour, I may have thrown out some of my stained clothing instead of washing it. 
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