Thursday, June 20, 2013

Floor Food

During Family Home Evening this week we ate cookies in the living room.  Ivy was walking around and yabbering as she gobbled -- leaving a trail of cookie and chocolate chips.  As Haki and I chatted about something, I watched him absent-mindedly and quickly collecting Ivy's cookie crumbs with his finger-pincers and eating the floor.   He had thrown back three salvaged morsels from the carpet when this exchange took place:

Me: That first one was a leaf.
Haki: Yeah, I thought so too.

And then...

Esky:  That reminds me of this one time I saw a chocolate chip and I ate it, but then I went, 'Hey, that's not a chocolate chip!'
Me: [horrified expression] What was it?!
Esky: I don't know, but it wasn't a chocolate chip.

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