Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mia Mia Mia

 Things to remember about our first week with Mia:
  • Esky doesn't tire of holding her or cuddling her.  I think she likes that Mia can't say "no" (as Ivy often does).
  • Whenever Mia murmurs in discomfort, Ivy strokes her hair and says, "It's otay, it's otay, Baby [Mia], no cry."
  • Mia has beautiful skin.
  • Although the talons are trimmed away, her fingernail plates are still very long and slender (less squarish, overall, than anyone else's in our family), as are her fingers.
  • She occasionally lets out a short, high-pitched squeak of a (most likely gas-)cry, and then resumes complete restfulness (see Image 1).
  • As in the womb, Mia is hiccup-prone.  And those suckers are loud.  She gets them about four times a day, and seemingly out of nowhere (not immediately after a feed, change in position, or any other obvious cause). 
  • Mia is sleeping a lot.
  • And I'm sleeping more than I have in months.  Yes, I wake often...but it is incredible to me how easily I doze off, since my last months of pregnancy were marked by an apparent inability to slip back into slumber when woken.  Also: Nursing is kind of my tranq dart. 
  • On nursing -- how about those third baby after-contractions, huh?  Holy guacs.
  • Her eyebrows are jet black and very visible.
  • As you may remember, all name discussions were closed for the latter half of this pregnancy, with Haki asking me to put together a list of four or five names to propose (for both genders), after the babe's arrival, and only then.  Propose, I did.  Mia was "Micah" for 10 minutes before Haki surprisingly flipped to my first (nixed) name suggestion (he also vetoed "Hazel" and "Jet" on the spot).
  • Haki regularly marvels aloud at the intensity of his love for his third little girl.  
  • I am so fortunate.  I have a husband who is more helpful than any ward midwife, and I have a group of generous people who are taking turns making our dinners...for two weeks.  You read right.  No thank-you card can articulate the difference this is making to our family.
  • Like her sisters, Mia sleeps through our household's sounds, and I am so grateful that Esky and Ivy sleep through her cries during the night.
(baby yawns /swoon)
It hasn't quite been a week yet.  Thankfully, since each week that passes I'm reminded I'm drawing closer to the eventual end of the attendance of my midwife.  /sob  If you live in Dunedin and intend to have a baby, ask me about her, she is amazeballs.
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