Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sabbath Amusements XX

Today at church we took up our position on what is virtually our real estate (we usually sit on the front pew), shedding jackets, retrieving a certain newborn from her capsule, and snuggling up for the meeting to come. 

After the sacrament proper, the girls retrieved their activity bags and began drawing and sticking stickers on all the things.  I had an array across my hands, Ivy dotted her book page, and Haki presented his cheek as a canvas for Ivy to decorate.

Esky explained her train and tunnel drawing in one ear while I listened to a youth speaker and a mother share their messages with my other.  Then Haki was announced as the concluding speaker.

Haki leaned over with an arching brow and said, "Oh hey, I'm the final speaker."  I wasn't sure if he was smirking because I hadn't known until this moment, or because he hadn' I sought clarification.  It was the former, and he was rather chuffed to surprise me (I usually know when he has a talk assignment coming up, and speakers usually sit on the stand).

Haki spoke well.  As usual.  Of all of his points, my favourite was an analogy; he spoke of the importance of tending to our own spiritual needs so that we can better meet the needs of our children -- comparing this to in-flight safety reminders to fit your own oxygen mask first.  He's smart.  Also: handsome.

After speaking, Haki bee-lined for our row and then swept crayons out of Ivy's wake to clear space to sit down again.  I waited until he'd settled back in his seat and taken a few breaths before informing him he still had a hot pink butterfly sticker on his cheek.

That's my girl-daddy, peop's.  /loud smacking kiss
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