Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Months of the Year Rhyme

Esky learned her days of the week very early.  Yes, language is one of her strengths, but I also think music and/or rhyme makes learning easier for anyone, and so I sang the days to the melody of "Ten Little Indians," and she had it down pat after hearing it thrice.  Oh, Esky, you little ripper.  She used to sing it to answer her own questions, (e.g. "What day is it tomorrow?" or "How many days until Sunday?"), but for a long time now she hasn't needed the song.

It's time for tackling the months of the year -- which I learned embarrassingly late, myself, I might add.  Like the alphabet, and other life fundamentals, a song or rhyme is called for.  I know and use the "30 days..." rhyme for the number of days within months (as well the ol' naming them across the knuckles trick), but knew nothing to learn the list of twelve.  So...I wrote a little rhyme, which I've added to one of the girls' storybook CDs, so they will hear it when they opt to listen to that one. Again, and again.

Here 'tis:
In case you live in another climate;
What tricks do you have to help the little people you know learn what we must master by rote?
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