Friday, June 7, 2013

The Program

The Program, Suzanne Young
One of the super benefits of sharing my thoughts on books has been receiving recommendations from readers -- and these have been spot on, thus far!  You guys are smart.  The latest pick came from Athena, who suggested I would enjoy The Program.  I was doubtful.  But the book seemed like the right fit for now -- something I could jump in and out of for short or long bursts, as time allowed (not something I would need to settle back into like a cold bed).  The Program was that -- easy to pick up and remember exactly where I left off.  Aaaand...
  • It is an intriguing piece of speculative fiction.  I thoroughly enjoyed where Young was willing to take the story.
  • I looked forward to reading it.  I cared about the outcomes.  I'll read the next book.
  • If you are looking for a compelling treatment of teenage suicide, this is not your book.  Suicide is an important feature, but it employs suicide as a vehicle for exploring a broken society, as opposed to exploring the issue itself.  Governmental control continues to surface as the real villain in so many of these YA dystopias, eh?
  • Read this if you liked: Delirium.  I found Delirium's writing better but The Program's pacing stronger.
  • Romance-driven...which I was in the mood for.  Don't go near it if you are over teen romance for now (although it's less insta-love than many of its contemporaries). 
  • It has more explicit sensuality than I care for, along with some blasphemy (but no other swearing that I can recall).
  • Overall, entertaining but not profound, compelling but not life-changing.
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