Monday, June 17, 2013

Weighing in on Family Resemblance

So...Esky and Mia may bear some resemblance to one other. 

What's most amusing to me is reading the scales -- not only is Mia heavier than Esky in these shots, but Mia is half of Esky's age at these weigh-ins.  Yup, Mia is just over 2 weeks old in the picture (bottom), while Esky is one month old (top). Even if we're factoring in 40 grams for a singlet and dry nappy, Mia is still packing on the pounds (or kgs, in the case of this digital display).

/Rubbing hands together
Only a few short months until we can play Name That Baby! again!  You best believe I've got the purple kit and quilt backdrop at the ready!
(check back mid-August!)

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