Friday, July 26, 2013

3rd-in-a-row Five at 5:00

  1. It's official: Not only do our neighbours want us to keep Blackie's eggs (I now know her name is in fact "Bockers"), they gave us more, as their other hens are laying more than they can eat.  I suggested they leave the breach wide open, and we'll happily take care of Bockers' eggs.  They agreed that would be just fine with them.  Uh...can I get a, "Free free range ya?" anybody?  /cupping hand over ear.  Rad. 
  2. I'm on a second, longer and stronger course of antibiotics.  Me, who normally doesn't take taking morrrrre.
  3. All three of my children got injections yesterday.  They were troopers.   Mighty milk washed away Mia's tears quick smart, Ivy was smiling within seconds when food and treats were offered, and Esky cried silently (through THREE separate shots!) until she too received the after-bounty.  I am still kind of numbstruck by how well it went.  Having a friend come and rock Mia to sleep while I coddled my big babies helped a-plenty.
  4. My girls are really into salad right now.  And vegetables, generally.  Ivy's throwing back broccoli florets like chips and Esky's routinely requesting greens inside her wholemeal.  Errr...awesome!
  5. I'm so tired. 
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