Thursday, July 18, 2013

Five Shorties at 5:00

  1. When I pull large serving utensils from their cube on the windowsill, or from the cup in the drying rack to put away, I revel in pulling them up quickly so they fly through my open hand into the air, then catching them, super-fast.  If you're not doing this regularly, you're missing out.
  2. I must stop using the (non-)word "bajillion" in everyday conversation.
  3. I'm on antibiotics.  But isn't everybody?  No really, everyone in my house is.  I held out for 2 weeks, but I was getting no closer to better.  My nostrils have no skin left due to having to blow my nose a bajil...banjo.  A banjo? I mean, like a banjo.  It became music....?  /head scratch.  Reform is hard.
  4. I am loving YA fairytale retellings right now.  Oh my, I have three to tell you about that were so darn fun.  ExcIIIIting!
  5. My parents are coming to visit in 5 weeks.  It is taking so long for them to get here already!  AH!
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