Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Surprises at 5:00

  1. We're expecting!  A parcel.  And it's taking ages.   Seriously though, it is.  And we need it.  Good news: when we've checked the mail in hope of finding said parcel, we've been surprised to find a few other treasures we weren't expecting. You know who you are, people, and you are glorious -- THANK YOU.
  2. We were due a tax refund and it was paid within a week of filing the IR3.  Holy government-agency-exceeding-expectations, Batman.  Woop.
  3. I once had a penpal in Malaysia.  One of those penpals you're given by a teacher for a social studies task that no one really expects you to write to more than once (twice, max).  Surprise one: I wrote to mine regularly for years.  Our letters became very affectionate, and I was always impressed by the care my Malaysian writer took to fold and enclose her notes in intricate shapes with specialty papers.  I was quite surprised to see how frivolous she was in signing "I love you," and "I'd love to meet!" but figured the language and culture barrier most likely accounted for the logic in her enthusiasm being a little lost in translation. Surprise two: When my dearest distant girlfriend enclosed a picture, I learned she was a he.  I promptly stopped signing with kisses and hugs...and my faithful writing quickly waned thereafter.
  4. Not unrelated to Item 2, I decided I am going to go on a Mia-Mamma date-trip to see Sarah, my sister, and my parents in October.  This surprised me as much as them.
  5. During this week's Family Home Evening, Haki arranged couch cushions in a mound under a blanket in the centre of the lounge, and then proceeded to hide while Esky counted elsewhere.  When she came a-seeking, I was quite surprised to see her tear back the decoy covering with an Aha!-expression.  I was even more surprised she failed to note the Haki-sized stalagmite that had grown three feet away from where she stood, conspicuously adorned in a duvet.  What are they teaching kids these days?  Oh wait...
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