Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Updates at 5:00

  1. So about that delightful arrangement -- the one with the free eggs?  Yeah.  For all those crying foul on this one, I probably should have mentioned that I did let our neighbours know of the breach before collecting and keeping a single egg.  I told the resident egg-collector, no less, that a black hen was visiting us again.  They know.  And the hen is still getting through!  The eggs are practically a gift.  That said, I'm still feel today I'm taking over the eggs from the past few days in a carton to say, "Special delivery: some of your hen's eggs." I'll disclose we've conducted some quality control.  It's hard to resist the learning opp and the freeness.  I pray returning their gift does not offend them.  Perhaps they'll see fit to allow shared custody.  Okay, nothing like shared custody, perhaps they'll keep all the poop and do all the work and let us pocket the odd egg in return for allowing her to nest in her preferred spot.  /fingers crossed so hard they're purple; may we keep crying "Fowl!" daily!
  2. I know I said Milo was the new water (NZ malted drink), but Mecco is giving the ol' Milo a run for its money.  What is this I speak of?  Oh, it's DIY equal parts Milo and Ecco (malted barley).  My parents have been raving about it, and I'd often considered it.  This week, I sampled, and I approve.
  3. I've been sick for three weeks.  
  4. I'm posting less, yes?  My laptop is at the computer doctor.  The computer doctor'th name ith Athol.  I never call him the computer doctor aloud when I can refer to him as Athol.  Yes, inside I am a 11-year-old boy.
  5. You may recall I'm dreading a return to the dentistMore than the average human.  But the time has come.  When drinking water is painful, it's safe to say, "No longer delay."  I'm queasy at the thought of the cost to both my emotional stability and bank account.  I think I'll wait and treat myself once I'm well. 
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