Monday, July 1, 2013

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 32

Safe Haven (2013)
This film is all you would expect from a Nicholas Sparks / Lasse Hallstrom marriage (Nicholas Sparks = author of the novel, The Notebook, Hallstrom = director of Cider House Rules, Casanova, and Chocolat).  And by that I mean big romance.  If you don't care for the steamiest parts, avert your eyes for 30 seconds or so after blondie invites solo dad inside for the second time.  Safe Haven is a solid staple of the genre. It has a certain sweetness to it, as well as some thrill and a tight story (albeit fairly predictable...but that's part and parcel with the genre too).  The young actress playing Josh Duhamel's daughter?  Scene-stealer.  Duhamel and Hough's age difference?  I'll suspend disbelief...they're both pretty cute.
Alex Cross
What a flop.  B-grade, bad script, unoriginal, with a side of skeletal Matthew Fox.  Ew.

World War Z
I don't like zombies; zombie movies, zombie video games, zombie TV shows -- blah.  Haki loves 'em.  I allowed myself to be convinced this would be more I Am Legend (liked) and less Resident Evil (disliked).  I'd say now, it's a mixture.  It's pretty nasty.  This is not to say I wasn't rivetted by the movie.  So if you dig zombies, partake. Others will already be certain this isn't their thing.  Then there's the final group -- those like me -- who are pretty sure they have a blanket distaste for this sort of movie, but they could be persuaded to find the science fiction / apocalyptic-factors intriguing enough to give it a chance. I was tensed for most of the movie, I didn't mind how it ended, and thought it was well-acted.  I'm thankful for the absence of juvenile zombies. I was disgusted by the unrestrained violence on such a human enemy. Then there's the kids; I hated watching parents herding their kids to safety from rabid a parent, movies featuring children in danger are a totally different experience now.  Terr.i.fying.  P.S.  I hadn't seen a trailer to this.  If I had, I don't think I would have gone.  That said...because I didn't see a trailer, everything came as a surprise to me, and that probably made it more thrilling.
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