Monday, July 15, 2013

Mums' Jokes: The Sequel

Installment 1 here.

As the sleep dep increases, so too does the speaking to infants and otherwise oblivious offspring.

I'm sure Mia cracked a smile last night when I informed her, "Milo is the new water." 
It has been cold lately, I say excess schmexcess.  
Plus, converting that stuff to the mighty milk is basic biological filtration.  
Back to the smile.
I saw it.
She may have been sleeping,
but I am certain my mums' joke infiltrated her milk dreams.
Perhaps because I did my best silent chortle face thereafter.
The silent chortle face is when you scrunch up your eyebrows and pout as though both laughing, "Oh ho!" and being in pain, but liking it.
That is the face.
The face with the power to interrupt milk dreams.
The face I did alone last night, with an audience of one...sleeping infant.
Sleep dep, I tells you.
Earlier this week I did the silent chortle for  Esky.
Looking down at Mia in the Moby (tied to my chest), I had thrown back my head in surprise and cried, "Why, fancy meeting you here!"
The face followed. For Esky, who was close by.
The face must be broken, because I'm sure if the face were asking a question, the question would be, "Join me in levity?" the correct answer would be, "Yes!  Yes!" accompanied by fits of giggles.
Like I say;

Mums' jokes - they're like dads', only the audience's reciprocal smiles and grunts are due to gas.
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