Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eight Briefs at 8:00

  1. Open Homes/Viewings:  For the first five, I was on top of my game.  The cupboard innards were even immaculate.  The last one we had: I stacked dirty dishes in the oven and the fridge and herded pyjama-clad children into the car to vacate the place so late the agent was already out putting up her flag.  I'm looking forward to focusing on my family and things essential to their happiness again soon!
  2. Moving:  Still hating it. Terribly.  So bad.  Tears are waiting in the wings at all times, but they have not yet made an appearance...phew!  Focus on the good, focus on the good; keep on swimming, keep on swimming...  Where is Mary Poppins?!
  3. Haki: Has a birthday today!  But he's at work!  So we celebrated Thursday -- mostly for Esky, who loves all things birthday; that kid makes decorations and wraps play-presents as a past-time.
  4. My parents: Coming in a few days, and I am both thrilled and disappointed -- the former because they are some of my best friends, and I always love seeing them, and they help me so much by simply being here, but also physically...they help so much, but therein lies the latter (disappointment) -- it is a shame their visit has landed at the tail-end of a move -- they'll be pitching in whether I like it or not, and while I appreciate it, I wish they could come here to relax!  Ah, timing.
  5. Ender's Game: It's coming.  The film adaptation, that is.  I intend to re-read.  Also coming: two review copies of the latest edition from Hachette which I will be giving away right here!  Watch out for those!  
  6. My mouth:  I go back to the dentist soon to see if all that's required is a permanent filling, or a rooooot canaaaaal!  GAH!
  7. Showering a Newborn How-to: I have drafted some notes on this, and will do my best to get them up soon!  Thank you for the interest and encouragement!
  8. The newborn:  So stinkin' cute I want 3 more.  This is the voice from the cluck-centre of my heart...not my brain.
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